Malawi OP-ED 

Open letters to the West, EU, Bill Gates, stop manipulative strategies of Africa!

By Janet Karim

“Their gods are gods of the hills. That is why they were too strong for us. But if we fight them on the plains, surely we will be stronger than they.” ….28 The man of God came up and told the king of Israel, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Because the Arameans think the Lord is a god of the hills and not a god of the valleys, I will deliver this vast army into your hands, and you will know that I am the Lord.'” — 1 Kings 20:23b, 28

Nigeria’s former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that Africa is in need of dedicated leaders that are committed to good governance. Others have pointed again and again to the growing malaise of corrupt leaders. But I am here to tell you about Africa, my Africa, that the big challenge that has weighed the continent down is the undeclared war non-black people have waged on Africa, the largest continent on the planet; and the area of land endowed with a vast array of mineral reserves in its belly. This last part, plus the fact that the population seems to be increasing faster than elsewhere, has caused the war with the non-black people to continue relentlessly in non-black people privilege fashion.

One might want to shout out to the heavens: “Oh God, are You still there?” or “Oh God, where are You?” These are tough times for Africa north to south, east to west. There have been six coup d’état in the last three years, three of them from former French colonies. As Africans continue to find solutions to non-African-made problems, on the big picture frame, the puppeteers are having huge parties in their capitals. This frame will discuss the complicity of the West, the European Union, and Bill Gates. The manipulation and exploitation of the peoples of Africa has gone on for far too long. It must stop. It must stop now.

The West – manipulating and micromanaging the continents for its own gain. From 1619 when it plundered the continent of humans in the slave trade, 1808 ended the trade in humans and replaced its religion, tying it to education and jobs, to the famous 1894 carving of the continent (Cape to Cairo) into nation units controlled from Europe. This caused many colonists to use Africans in infantry units to fight in World War I and World War II. The manipulation and control continued beyond independent statuses when the former colonies joined by the US, controlled through propping up of dictators, pouring in limitless monies as a means of keeping communist ideologies of Russia and China from the continent.

Somewhere along the way, God poured enormous amounts of mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, rubies, uranium, iron, and oil on African innards. One would think that with all these, Africa would be the richest continent on the planet! Sadly not, because before God poured all these fantastic precious mineral deposits, He somehow caused the greedy and selfish West to invent ways to use such elements to help it create wealth.

Again one would think that after getting the precious minerals, the West would come back and thank the continent by sharing the benefits it has reaped. Oh no! This has not happened.

 What has happened is the continued control and exploitation of Africa and its vast amount of precious commodities; instead of helping Africa to rise up, and run along with its beneficiaries, the West continues to push Africa down, through a variety of inhumane strategies: among them instigating wars, precipitating regime change, and waging a media narrative filled with negative stories, about Africa.

The European Union (EU) – Nigerian journalist Sonnie Ekwowusi this week warned that November 15, 2023, might be a tragic day for Africa and the entire Caribbean and Pacific region. It is the day set aside by the EU to pressure or coax African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries into signing the deceptively and euphemistically crafted LGBT agreement between the EU and ACP countries. While a lot has been written about the deception of the EU, the path the 27-member organization has taken is clear: to keep Africa, the Caribbean (filled with leaders and people of African descent), and island states (79 in total) as beggar nation-states, with the Europeans as masters of the 79 who will from November 15, 2023 also vote as a block at ALL international meetings.

Africa, the Caribbean, and Pacific island states, PLEASE SAY NO TO THE POST-COTONOU AGREEMENT ON NOVEMBER 15, 2023. Delegates can all unanimously walk out of the meeting and leave the 27 non-black members of the EU-ACP group.

Then enter Bill Gates; many people around the world know this giant as the wise kid who developed the software called Microsoft, which overpowered other word processing softwares. Gates moved from running his empire and entered the civil society sector. He is writ large in Africa and other impoverished areas on the map.

But please beware of this philanthropist: he is entwined with the pharmaceutical companies in the world (US, Germany, and France) and busy pushing their wares and inventions. His 1980-2000 was a contraceptive that sadly led many women to become infertile. I have three family members that only have one child; this is due to them having used the injectable contraceptive.

This week Bill Gates has convinced Kenya strongman President Ruto to accept Bill Gates’ new invention, the digital ID administered by injecting newborn babies. All newborn babies in Kenya, and later the rest of Africa, will be injected with this formula. Among its high points is in protecting Kenyan babies from having their identities stolen, no longer need to have fingerprints, yady yady yada.

Three big question are:

1) Has this digital ID injection been tested on non-black populations from Bill Gates’ country of birth and citizenship? And

2) Who told Bill Gates Africa has a problem with identity thefts? There’s hunger and famine, lack of electricity, and lack of good roads, schools, hospitals, medicines in Africa. Have you seen the continent’s foreign reserves?

3) Where in the world have people living below the poverty line had to worry about their identities being stolen?

Bill Gates and his pharmaceutical buddies, please be on notice, you and your racist-laced strategies for helping Africa, are well documented and known. It is a very sad day in heaven when people like you continue to wage the racist hatred war on Africa with all these sugar-coated killer schemes.

The West, EU, and Bill Gates cannot tell Africa about economic development, good governance, human rights, or protecting the identities of babies. None of these have been practiced by them when dealing with the African continent and its 1,472,537,717 peoples (1.4 billion).

In conclusion, the manipulation and exploitation of the peoples of Africa by peoples of non-black nation states, has gone on for far too long. It must stop. It must stop now.

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