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Nigerians wouldn’t Go Empty!!

Since I was born and now that I am getting older I have never seen the Lord change! If you have seen him change, please let me know.

This song isn’t an unpopular song among Christians. A house hold song as it were, vibrating amongst them in their spiritual ecstacy.

God doesn’t sleep, he sees all , having answers to all the worries and pains of human challenges. From his throne sitted in majesty; he directs the affairs of the world.

Many have questioned the omnipresent and omnipotent nature in the light of the various distressful moments that we are saddled with. Sadly not many have come out with answers convincing enough to proof either that he hears, sees or have solutions to such situations . In all these he neither changes nor ceases to be who he is( God)

For many years the isrealites were in slavery in Egypt. He knew their pains and challenges but never came through to them earlier than he did. He appeared silent and uncared about their ordeal, but was he? Certainly not.

Like a dream when they weren’t expecting it, Moses appeared from the blues and the liberation journey began. Was it easy and hitch free? Smooth and seamless? Was it like a magical display of power and authority? A miracle of shunting all the natural challenges of human nature? The Israelites never found it easy. So tough with them, they even wanted to go back to their slave masters.

Moses though started the journey but couldn’t get them into the promised land.

Nigeria is next in God’s agenda of liberation and deliverance. It is time up for the Nigerian Pharaoh, the Nigerian Moses is on the way with his counterpart Aaron and Joshua. The liberation process is on top gear. Everyone is excited, looking beyond the immediate challenge into a glorious future of the promised land.

Ours will be different. There wouldn’t be snake bite out of disobedience. Meat wouldn’t come out from our nose because of sheer and unwarranted importunation of things.

Unbelief and doubts wouldn’t make us have Nigerians fall by the way side. We will all enter and enjoy the honey, milk and bread of the promised land.

Like the isrealites our cries have been heard and God arisen with his flaming sword in company of his angels to smite the very souls on their account this Nation was bound and caged.

I warned you! Our liberation wouldn’t be unchallenged. The forces that be, the very dark forces in their coven will arise, in their horses and chariots running to catch and take us back to Egypt. When it comes as the signs are manifestating already in piece meal; be strong , firm and courageous for that red sea that swallowed Pharaoh and his chariots has not dried and the staff of Moses still effective.

God doesn’t change! Neither have I heard nor seen. He is same yesterday, today and forever.

We move! Egypt bye bye ! To hell with your garlic and cucumber ( long fuel lines, buying of naira in black market, etc)

We will never go empty handed! Forever forward, into the brighter future of our nationhood.

Remain conscious of 25th and 28th February. These two days are vital, our eyes will be on them until we cross the red sea and our Pharaohs swallowed.

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Our labour will never be in vain and Obi the Moses of our time is a GOAL!!

Jarlath Uche Opara Jarlathuche@gmail.com

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