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Music artistes Timaya helped in the industry

Timaya, the plantain boy crooner, is known for his consistent hit songs which occasionally blends pop with dancehall. The recent hit songs, “Born to Win” and “Cold Outside” placed him on the charts again this year. The hitmaker is also known for supporting young Nigerian artistes when they needed a helping hand.

Some of these artistes have shared their encounters with the DM Records Boss


One of the biggest pop-dancehall acts that hit the spotlight in the country has attributed his first big break to
Timaya. He recently told his fans at a concert that he met Timaya, slept in his house, and got a lot of support from Timaya when he was struggling to get a big break. He made this known when Timaya joked that Patoranking did not mention his name in his rave song “Celebrate me”.

Patoranking said that Timaya made sure that he got free studio time, which gave birth to his “Alubarika” single.

It was reported that Patoranking left DM Mama records for unknown reasons, but Timaya and Patoranking seem to remain friendly.

Patoranking also defended Timaya when Eedris Abulkareem described Timaya as an ingrate. Eedris revealed that Timaya was one of the boys who got his big break by putting him on his stage, but he never supported him or other artists.


Skales, the “shake body” singer said in an interview that he recorded the famous song at a time when Timaya housed him in his mansion.

Skales said “One day I went to Timaya’s house and it got late at night. I didn’t have anywhere to go. I was sleeping in the car outside Timaya’s house and the gateman told him “Skales is outside sleeping in the car.” Timaya came and asked me what’s going on? He looked at the back of the car and saw my bags which means practically I was living in a mobile house. Timaya asked me to move into his house and gave me his penthouse which was really big. And that was where I recorded ‘Shake Body’”.

Although other artistes like Olamide also contributed to the success story behind the song, “shake body”, it would have remained in the songwriter’s books, stacked with his luggage at the back of his car.

Burna Boy

The grammy award-winning artiste, Burna Boy, has also acknowledged Timaya for giving him unforgettable advice. This was at a time he declared himself the best musician in Nigeria and began to get some heat for it.

Burna Boy said he was not competing with anyone but himself because he remembered what Timaya told him a long time ago, he twitted thus:

“FACT! I always knew I was and I am THE BEST. Everyone you think is the best KNOWS I’m BEST since Fela Kuti. But @timayatimaya told me something a long time ago that made me not care about being the best. “The World can do without the Best” the world will still spin regardless.

“Lol. NOBODY paved sh*t for me. Everybody dey find them own. I have been out here, if you knew the way they made us look weak by begging and paying the western world to like us, you will see that no table was set and I’m the one that brought you the Respect you currently enjoy.”

Runtown is another big international music artiste that has hit the limelight in recent times. A lot unknown
about how Timaya supported the “Mad Over You” singer except that they did a song, “Aunty Tolu” together in 2014.

Timaya has also helped music artistes, Altitude, and a few others who are still climbing the ladder of fame.

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