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Much Ado About “Structures”; Lessons From #EndSARS, By Adeyeye Olorunfemi

Here’s one of the defeatist narratives the corrupt ruling class are forcing down the throats of Nigerians. “The alternatives don’t have structures”. I have ruminated over this for a while and I can tell you for a fact that it’s a lie. The people and parties you claim have structures but still move around with bullion vans on election day don’t have real structures or real influence. They are only leveraging on the poverty they’ve created. It’s the truth. 

I then also ask, where was the structure for EndSARS? Yet it remains the biggest and most organized political mobilization of recent times. Better than the organization for elections by any political party. 

Nothing about structure was discussed before people MOVED to end a fragment of their oppression, because it was as if if you didn’t protest, you would be the next person to be killed by SARS. There was a connection to the problem and people could not even wait for zoom meetings before they zoomed off to the streets. The meetings were catching up with the street actions. The movement then built its own leaders along the way. 

It is a fact that the people showed the ruling class what governance means and for the first time the society received some calm. All through EndSARS, people fed themselves (welfare). People ate well without “structures”. The people formed security committees to protect themselves (security). It was even reported that crime seriously reduced. This was before the wretched ruling class sponsored broad daylight violence against peaceful protesters. They were the criminals at that time. 

Remind me again what the fundamental objective of government is. I guess it’s to provide security and welfare for the people. That’s not from my head. I just cited the constitution. So it’s no emphasis to say the people without any “structure” displayed good governance in practical terms; what the Nigerian ruling class have failed to do for the people in more than 60 years. They showed it in 12 days. 

Brothers and sisters! All we need as people, is the desire to be free, and to take over political power, even as we move towards the elections in 2023 and the game would be up for the wicked geriatrics, thieves, clueless ruling class who have even seized our airwaves lately. 

I have observed that when a people desire liberation, all excuses disappear. Including party affiliations. 

– Adeyeye Olorunfemi

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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