Mauritius wants to see more women enter politics and be represented at high levels in government

 Martin expressed that her Ministry’s main objective in is to chiefly to empower women who desire to become trainers so that in turn they will train other women to enter the political field.

However, she did express in order to prepare women on the island nation to participate in Mauritian politics, traightforward educational resources and knowledge must be implemented to permit them to forge their way into the political landscape.

“The rationale behind this endeavour is to empower women to overcome all their socially constructed inhibitions and encourage them to venture into a predominantly male domain and defy patriarchal norms which have so far clamped down on their progress,” she added.

Minister Martin also highlighted that the next national election scheduled for 2015 may be a positive turning point for women to partake in greater representation and a voice in national affairs.

“The political training campaign for women in Mauritius is expected to contribute significantly in encouraging women candidates to effectively contest at forthcoming elections,” Martin said.

“I hope more women stand as candidates so that we are able to make a difference, as the Republic can only benefit from such momentum,” she added.

“In a rapidly evolving world helping women overcome barriers and maximize existing opportunities is an imperative and we are aiming at creating a society where sex, gender and class are not the characteristics upon which the quality of an individual will be assessed.”

“Rather where women and men will be judged upon their intrinsic capacity, talents and ambition to construct the future of our Republic where equal opportunity to succeed in a chosen career path is available to all irrespective of sex,” she said.

The Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family and the PM Offices also disclosed that the US Embassy in Port Louis have made concerted efforts for widespread political campaign training for women in Mauritius since July.

Currently, 200 women from Mauritius and outer island dependency Rodrigues are gaining their training distributed by local authorities and US embassy officials.

The political training of women has seen wide public support recently coupled with extensive backing from Gender Links and Women in Politics-Mauritius advocating understanding to the public and provide education to women who want to join the Mauritian political scene.

According to the Gender Links organization, women currently account for only just over 6 per cent at local government level, with 18.8% in the national assembly and cabinet.

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