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Libya: Nigerian man set on fire at Tripoli factory

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A Nigerian man has been set on fire by three Libyans at a factory in Tripoli, according to officials.

Libyan authorities say the three Libyans have been arrested as suspects for killing the Nigerian man.

The interior ministry said the three Libyans, all in their 30s, stormed the Tripoli factory where African migrants were working.

They then detained one of the workers which happens to be the Nigerian man and then poured petrol on him and set him on fire.

The Chief of mission for the International Organization for Migration has tweeted about the incident.

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Federico Soda wrote “We are horrified by the killing of a Nigerian migrant worker in Tripoli, Libya by three men yesterday (Tuesday).”

“The young man was burned alive, in yet again another senseless crime against migrants in the country. Those responsible must be held to account,” Soda adds.

Libya has become a major hub for African migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who use it as a route to reach Europe.

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Often these migrants are abused and sold into slavery. It has in the past sparked outrage with calls for action.

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