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Isa Pantami Is A Terrorist Sympathiser, He Must Resign Now If He Has Any Trace Of Self-dignity By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Religious leaders have been among the tools used in fuelling crisis to deliberately undermine the peaceful co-existence in Nigeria.

These religious bigots mislead and brainwash their followers either for political or selfish reasons. They allow emotions to take over their thinking, turn their followers against non-Muslims.

Boko Haram launched their jihadist group against Western education, which escalated into religious violence while thousands of lives were lost and people’s properties destroyed.

On several occasions, Boko Haram terrorists have taken over some local government areas and mounted their flags with the principal aim of establishing an Islamic state in the Northern region of Nigeria.

This deadly group started  detonating bombs in targeted churches as part of their plans to make Nigeria an Islamic state. As a result of this disastrous act, they massively expanded their tentacles by using words of ‘jihad’ to lure minors into their evil agenda in exchange for peanuts.

Boko Haram terrorists have killed, raped, maimed, looted and rendered thousands of people homeless. Unfortunately some of these extremists seen as terrorists sympathisers see nothing wrong with the killings by Boko Haram.

Nigeria’s minister of Communications and Digital Economy Dr Isa Pantami, a radical Islamic preacher, has been subjected under scrutiny for the right reasons.

His past and present justify the outrageous activities being perpetrated by terrorist groups: Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. This became the case after he confirmed that he supported terrorists through his sermons, etc.

Pantami who condemned most of the clerics for attending political meetings in the region, once said:

“I have never been into politics and I don’t intend to participate in politics. The rate at which clerics are joining politics to gain political appointment, is that how we want to practice religion?”

It is clear that Pantami is a mischief maker and a staunch fanatic. With his allegiance to Osama Bin Laden and Boko Haram, it is now without a doubt that Pantami is one of the leaders of terrorist organisations in Nigeria.

In one of the audio clips, Isa Pantami was heard praying with a cracked voice for Boko Haram who have killed more than five thousand people and rendered many hopeless.

“See what our Muslim brothers’ blood has turned into? Even a pig’s blood has more value than that of a fellow Muslim”.
 Pantami admitted that Boko Haram are his brothers in Islam, whose actions he supports provided they do not kill fellow Muslims. We do not need to debate on this issue before accepting the fact that Pantami is one of the founders of terrorist organisations in Nigeria.

He was equally heard saying:

“Even if Boko Haram fighters commit a crime, but can we justify the way and manner they are being killed? Just look at how they are killing people as if they are shooting pigs. Even if they commit a crime, why the extrajudicial killing?”

Having a decimal point on the forehead does not automatically make one a good Muslim. We have many people who use this decimal point on their forehead as a camouflage to defraud people.

As a true believer, Pantami has not in any way shown us where and when he converted Boko Haram terrorists. There is no such record in the public domain.

Although he claims that he has now 
renounced his pro-terrorist statements, he is still not different from Abubakar Shekau and his terrible colleagues. They are heartless human beings. These people have no respect for humanity.

Pantami failed to sympathise with families of Boko Haram victims, but felt comfortable to shed crocodile tears for terrorists who have destroyed and continue to destroy the Northeast.

Nigeria is a country that encourages criminality and harbours terrorists, otherwise Pantami should have been in jail by now. 

Sadly the so-called intelligence gathering agency (DSS) failed to do a thorough investigation and screening before passing his name to the national assembly. Or DSS knew everything Pantami presents and decided to ignore it as part of their conspiracy against non-Muslim Nigerians.

But before Pantami started preaching to the world, he already had the full knowledge about Qur’an and hadiths. Pantami should show us where in the Qur’an Prophet Muhammad S. A. W prayed for terrorists or sympathised with them.

People like Pantami are not only dangerous in our society, they are a big threat to Islam and to Nigeria. He circumvented the problem by using unnecessary emotions to preach while brainwashing his followers.

Pantami who witnessed how Osama Bin Laden masterminded the bombing of the World Trade Centre in USA, where thousands of people were unjustly killed and several properties destroyed, still said that Osama was a better Muslim than he is, apparently because those killed by Osama were not Muslims.

But that is not all, after his mentor’s atrocity on September 11, 2001, Pantami pretended the attack never happened but was quick to criticise former President Goodluck Jonathan for killing Boko Haram terrorists.

Pantami later campaigned that Boko Haram be granted amnesty, a situation for which he drew a strange analogy to Niger Delta militants.

The allegation against Pantami is too weighty to be thrown out or ignored by Nigerians, especially as he is in custody of our database which he may have handed to his terrorist associates, for whom he has prayed so hard that God gives victory. 

Pantami needs to resign and he needs to resign now!

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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