Hamas stresses resistance to liberate Palestine

Hamas said in a statement obtained by Xinhua that the move was “regretfully taken unilaterally away from the national Palestinian consensus,” adding that it came in the context of “insistence on the path of negotiations away from the choice of resistance.”

Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is seeking recognition of an independent state on territories that Israel captured in 1967, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

“Resistance is basically the real way to liberate our lands, regain our rights and establish a Palestinian state with real sovereignty,” said the statement.

It added the Palestinian people need to liberate their lands ” actually,” but not “symbolic steps fraught with risks.”

Hamas urged the Palestinian authority to reconsider the step and embark on in-depth talks to reach a national strategy agreed by all parties “to be able to reach the right of self- determination and restore all our lands and rights.”

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