Egypt on Crossroads, Collective Effort Required


Let us agree first that attempting an answer is not an easy job, but it is every body’s responsibility in the Arab and Islamic world to try to do so. This should not be understood under any circumstance as an intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Contrary, it is the long time desire to protect Egypt and sustain its key role in the Arab and Islamic world that should prompt every state, organization and individual to push forward to play a positive role in bringing Egypt out of crisis.

Many would say Egypt has great minds and they are the best people to make the right diagnosis and come out with a workable solution that resolves the crisis and put a swift end. Well, this is true, but still, the surrounding regional factors should not be over-skipped while searching for the anticipated and much-hoped for solution. Why so, because the outcome of the crisis in Egypt would necessarily affect many strategic issues at stake now in the Arab world.

Take for example what is happening now in occupied Palestine through the Israeli plan to build thousands of settlements and the judaization campaign in Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Such plans are meant to create a de-facto situation that would hinder any attempt to generate a just solution for the millions of Palestinian refugees in the Diaspora. It would have been absolutely difficult and almost impossible to Israeli occupation to carry out such plans if Egypt was strong enough to play its role.

Meddling in the affairs and the ongoing crisis is not our goal by any means. Nevertheless, all parties in Egypt should approach the crisis from a constructive perspective and come out with creative solutions that would keep the strategic interests of Egypt a number one priority. This might sound a bit poetic, but it is a must-say that no one should have an interest to side with any party, however, all should side with Egypt as a whole; its prominence and role.

A final word, Egypt had been, and for a long time, a central player in the Arab, African, and world affairs. It is time to assume its role again, especially in these exceptional and very sensitive times. And as we mentioned earlier, although Egypt, as many other Arab countries are on a cross-road; Egypt is the most eligible one to take the initiative to cross the road and take the hands of other countries to do so. We trust that the genuine sense of responsibility, in addition to the creative minds that Egypt has many of them would hopefully succeed in finding a solution that has long been awaited for.


Source: Al-Manar Website

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