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Each way betting system explained

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Horse racing is a lot of fun. In fact, it is one of the most popular sports on earth and for good reason. These are some of the most exciting races you are going to find, and they offer those who love to place a wager the opportunity to get in on the action.

However, most are stuck on the idea of simply betting on which courses will finish first or if they will place. Instead, there are a number of great exotic bets out there including the each way betting system.

Many Zimbabwe betting sites offer this type of wager. However, you may be unfamiliar with each way of betting. It is really quite simple. Instead of betting on whether a horse will win or it will take a certain place, you are actually betting on both.

Points to consider when doing each way strategy

That sounds pretty simple but, if you are new to the system, there are some things that you need to know. It starts with the fact that there are basic rules that need to be followed. It starts with understanding that you are placing two bets at the same time, meaning that you are placing twice as much money down on the same runner in the same race.

You are placing a wager that the horse will win and that it will take a certain place. If the horse wins, then you win the bet. Whatever the odds are that were set for both, you win for both. If the horse does not finish in first place, then you win for that.

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It is also important to know that you may not always be able to place a bet in this type of race. It depends upon the number of horses that are racing. For example, if only four horses are running, they are not going to allow you to wager on the winner and if the horse will place.

When 5-7 horses run, you are going to find that to place the horse must finish in either first or second. With 8-15 horses, three places are available and above 15 four places are included. You may even see when there are 30 or more horses racing there may be an extra place available, giving a total of five.

Advantages and disadvantages of each way betting system

There are clearly a couple of advantages in using this betting system. The first is that you are able to increase your chances of winning. For example, if you were to bet £10 on a horse to finish first and to place and there are eight horses running, if your horse wins, you receive £90. Because it is placed, you receive an additional £30, giving you a total of £120.

If the horse did not win, but finished in second or third, you would still win £30. Since you placed a £10 wager for it winning and £10 for it placing, you would still win £10.

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This sounds like a great deal for you, and it is. The fact is that a lot of bookmakers are still offering this wager despite the fact that it greatly improves the chances for success for the person placing the bet.

The disadvantages are few. The first is that this is a great horse betting strategy, but not every sportsbook is going to offer you the opportunity to place the bet each way. In addition, there may be terms and restrictions that they put in place to make a qualifying bet. You may find that this wager is not available to you and so you are focused on making UEFA Champions League betting predictions instead.

The other disadvantage is out of your horse is not placed at all, then you lose twice as much money. It is simply a matter of whether you think this is a worthwhile bet or not.

Top questions regarding each way betting system

This sounds like a pretty good deal, and it is. However, here are some commonly asked questions people have regarding each way betting.

What are the sports that involve each way bets?

Using each way betting can be a great sports betting strategy. However, that is not available in every sport. This is primarily geared toward such things as horseracing, where there are a large number of competitors battling in a race. You may see it in something like dog racing or other similar events, but this is not something you’re going to find in football.

It would be great if it wasn’t football. Where you could make a futures bet on whether a team would finish in first or within the top three of a league, but they do not offer wagers such as this because placing does not matter. So, do not consider this one of those great UEFA Europa League betting tips.

Where to find the best odds for each way wagers?

You can find the odds on a sportsbook site that offers horse betting. They must not only give you the opportunity to make a win bet, but a place bet as well. Look for the page where the racing card is shown so that you can find the place odds as well as the win odds.

Some may not offer you the opportunity to place an each way bet. You may have to look around for the right bookmaker that enables you to be able to use this horse racing betting strategy.

How to minimize risks when using the each way system?

This is a very good question that those looking for horse racing tips are always asking. While there is no way to ensure that you are always going to be a winner, you can help yourself by placing wagers on events where there are a smaller number of horses competing. For example, you are likely to find that a race that has eight horses will offer three places for a horse to be a winner.

When there are 10 horses, it is still the same number of places, only two more competitors are racing. The amount you win will increase should you win or place, but your chances of winning are less considering the fact that there are still the same number of places where a horse can finish (first, second, or third).

It is a question of whether you are looking for the bigger odds for you if you win or the greater chance for you winning.

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