Dallago Tours & Safaris

We are the best africa safaris company for Kenya safaris, Tanzania safaris, Uganda camping safaris, Uganda tours, Kenya africa vacations, Kenya travel for holiday and all about tourism in Kenya Tanzania and Uganda. Dallago Tours and Safaris stands out as one of the most experienced and reliable tour operator in Kenya. With offices in Nairobi and Mombasa, Dallago Tours expertly handles safaris to all tourist destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa. Over the years Dallago has built an experienced and dependable worldforce and an elaborate ground transport network. Every Dallago safari mini-bus is comfortable and designed with a large pop-up roof for the best view and photography of wild animals. All Dallago Safari guides have an average experience of ten years in game tracking and are knowledgable about the people, flora and fauna of the country. The success of our safari will largely depend on the quality of our accommodation. Dallago Tours and Safaris offers luxury (Lodge) Safaris where you are accommodated in carefully selected lodges and hotels which will make you feel very out of Africa yet very close to nature. And what else? Dallago has everything for everybody!!

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