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Buhari Butcher Of Aso Rock: Why Is Igboho Declared Wanted? By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Each time a northerner is president, the country is plunged into anarchy. Buhari has again validated my thesis. Only a blood thirsty villain, moron, and a delusional tyrant like Buhari will abduct innocent Nigerians in the middle of night, murdered people in their sleep, cart away the dead bodies like carcasses of animals.and dumped them along their way. Sowore was abducted in the night in his Lagos hotel room. #EndSARS protesters were massacred at Lekki in the night. 

The same barbaric method was used at Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Oosa’s house. After Buhari’s State Secret Service (SSS) killed people at Igboho’s house, destroyed his house and property, Buhari declared Igboho wanted. Wanted for what? Wanted for defending and protecting his people from being exterminated by Fulani terrorists? Wanted for chasing away Fulani terrorists from destroying the farms of his people? 

Wanted for going after Fulani terrorists for raping his people? Wanted for accusing Buhari for turning Nigeria into another Afghanistan? Wanted for criticizing Buhari for failing to create jobs, provide security, education, hospitals, electricity, treated water, and other basic infrastructure for Nigerians? Wanted for advocating that Nigerians shouldn’t live as sub humans? Wanted for holding rallies for self-determination? Wanted for demanding better life for his people? Wanted for what? 

The same Buhari, the Butcher of Aso Rock, who called for Igboho’s head gave amnesty to Fulani savages, Boko Haram terrorists, Miyetti Allah terrorists, Gumi the terrorists’ spokesman, bandits, rogues, thieves, and other Fulani extremists opposed to civilization. These terroristic actions of Buhari is a proof that Buhari himself is a terrorist. Is Buhari rational or sane to see where Nigeria is headed? What the hell does Aso Rock Butcher thinks of all the madness he has created in the country?

Can Buhari think? Can he see what goes on in the country? Can he hear the cries of the people? Buhari is dead to reason. He’s dead to the  sufferings of the people and the violence sprouting everywhere in the country. Buhari hunts for Igboho and Kanu. The criminals he should declared wanted are: himself the Commander-in-Chief of terrorists, Gumi, Miyetti Allah leader and his members, Abubakar Malami, Attorney General of the federation, Yusuf Magaji Birchi DSS Director General, Usman Alkali Baba, IGP, Chief Justice Tanko Muhammad, and scores of politicians who are known thieves.

What about his advisers? What do they tell him in private? I bet their advice goes thus: “Your excellency, you’re on the right path. Ethnic cleansing is the best way to Fulanize Nigeria. Mr. President, you have the right to kill anyone and everyone who criticizes you. As the president, you’re not responsible or accountable to anyone. There’s no need for restructure. Tell Nigerians it’s treason calling for restructure and self-determination. Remind them Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria not religion or ethnicity. Your Excellency, your signature achievement during military era was Decree 4. You need to resurrect Decree 4 to take total country of Nigeria.” 
“Your excellency, by taking these steps, your place in history is assured. You have “nothing to fear but fear itself.” And don’t forget Yorubas and Igbos must be dealt with in the language they understand. Mr. President, delay is dangerous. Kill all these infidels now before it’s too late.”

Again, the million Naira question we should ask the Butcher of Aso Rock is: why was Igboho declared wanted? For what? What offense or offenses did he commit that are against the law or the Constitution?

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Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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