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Antoi puts Buju on Baka

Born and raised in Jamaica and America respectively, and as a result of growing up in a multicultural environment with your ears listening to different genres of music, your music tends to have a spice of various genres, and this is what Antoi brings to the table.

After two successful back to back singles earlier this year opening the stage with a performance for Teni’s maiden Florida show on July 29, 2021.

Antoi is ready to serve his new and ever growing fanbase with a new single dubbed “Baka” and he is assisted by fast-rising Nigerian star Buju.

The word ‘baka’ is coined from the Nigeria/Ghana lingo and it’s often used as a substitute for the word ‘body’ and this goes further to elaborate on the theme of the song which preaches the importance of body positivity.

Baka is an Afro-pop record with the traditional drums, guitar, and a keyboard in the background all properly played and mixed together to give a very melodic and infectious sound with a high replay value.

Antoi, assisted by Buju, then come on to talk about and appreciate the physical appearance of the woman that fascinates them.


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