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Afro-reggae fusion can revive music consciousness – Artiste

A United Kingdom-based Nigerian singer, Marvelous Irorakpor, known better as Marvelux ID, has expressed optimism that the fusion of Afro and Reggae music can revive music consciousness.

He noted that with both music genres co-existing, it would bring back consciousness to the music scene again.

According to him, reggae music shares traits of African heritages and cultures. He stated this in a statement made available to The PUNCH on Monday.

“So, we must find a way to infuse it back into African music of today, as Africans await consciousness in today’s music, reggae music is one of the genres of music that can truly give us a feeling of that.

“One specific musical trait that I believe closely ties Reggae music to African music is the choice of instruments and the purpose of these instruments within the context,” the singer said.

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He added that African and reggae music are mostly repetitive and cyclical in their structure as both were created to transmit messages and ideas.

“All these shared traits are from the force of liberation and consciousness, passed through ancestors. With Reggae in African music, the sounds from Africa would be different and bring back consciousness to today’s music.

“The ancestral history of reggae music’s, bringing traits of musical culture from Africa and as reggae being the number one genre of music within this Caribbean country. It would be ignorant to not mention the lyrics of the music.

“Many of Bob Marley’s songs talk about the forced migration and/or his intent to return to his origin which is Africa. He pays homage to where he is truly from, and will never forget which is why I believe incorporating these two traits of musical culture within one will be marvelous. Spreading like an infectious disease without anyone being able to prevent it,” Marvelux ID said.

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