US Police Idly Watch As Congo President’s Security Force Beats Protesters In American Streets

Oskaloosa%20038As the US empire scrambles to secure access to the bountiful resources of the continent of Africa no principle is too sacred to overlook, including the right to peacefully assemble. The White House is hosting an Africa Leaders Summit where various African leaders have been invited to talk with American officials about how they can serve the empire in exchange for silver and lead.

One of the officials who was invited to attend the summit is President Joesph Kabila, the head of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kabila inherited the throne in 2001 after his father was assassinated and later maintained power by stealing elections. Kabila is reported to have run a child army for his father in the 1990s and ordered the death of many people including human rights activists. Kabila is also alleged to have stolen over $5 billion from his country and stored it in the Virgin Islands.

Which is all to say, there is a lot to protest. Which is exactly what some activists did when Kabila came to Washington DC for White House’s Africa Leaders Summit.

Despite the protests of Kabila’s presidency taking place on American soil, President Kabila’s security forces saw fit to brutalize the protesters – beating them right in front of American law enforcement. Video shows what is believed to be a member of President Kabila’s security detail stomp a protester as a US police officer looks on. The thugs walk away and all the police do is offer to call the beaten man an ambulance – protect and serve much?

But hey what’s a little public head-stomping of peaceful dissenters compared to the riches that can be secured for America’s 1% by doing deals with war criminals?

Watch full video here:


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