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Zimbabwe: Workers union rejects pay offer from government

Zimbabwe’s main public sector union has rejected a pay offer from the government.

The rejection of the offer on Saturday could compound the worsening economic situation in that country.

The government now risks forcing the workers into embarking on strikes if it fails to reach a new agreement with them.

The Union had said that the proposal from the government to boost salaries by 76 percent was not enough to meet workers demands.

Zimbabwe’s government was offering to the lowest-paid worker a US$97 a month, up from the current US$55.

In a statement, the Apex Council, which is the body representing the public sector workers said “the offer does not meet the stated position of the workers, which is pegged at US$452 for the least paid civil servant.”

The government made the latest offer after threats of a planned strike action by workers due to high cost of living.

Zimbabwe is already facing a food crisis, with more than five million people in dire need of food aid.

The United Nations has said that most of those without food are close to starvation.

The government months ago launched an appeal with the ministry of information saying it requires $300 million in aid for food.

But the UN says it needs more funds to support Zimbabwe and it’s current food crisis.

The exit of former President Robert Mugabe has not helped to improve the fortunes of Zimbabwe in any way.

Current President, Emmerson Mnangagwa is still struggling to fix the country’s growth challenges.


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