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Zimbabwe: Doctors on strike over the abduction of union leader

Doctors in Zimbabwe are on strike demanding the release of an abducted union leader.

Peter Magombeyi who heads a doctor’s union disappeared on Saturday.

His colleague doctors and other union officials fear that he could have been abducted by the security forces.

Dr. Magombeyi has not been heard from since after sending a message on Saturday to his girlfriend saying he had been kidnapped by three men.

Magombeyi reportedly organized a doctors’ strike demanding better working conditions.

He had said the worsening economic conditions in Zimbabwe made it impossible for his colleagues to get to work on a salary of $100 a month.

Zimbabwe doctors on strike
Zimbabwe doctors are unhappy with the abduction of their leader. Photo: Facebook / Adrian Kriesch

Government assurances

Health Minister Odabiah Moyo has said on twitter that the state security agencies are searching for  search for Peter Magombeyi who is the acting president of the Zimbabwe Hospitals Association (ZHDA).

“We are taking this matter very seriously and we condemn illegal acts by whosoever with the revulsion it deserves,” he said in a video posted on twitter.

But doctors in Zimbabwe are accusing the government of being behind the abduction of Magombeyi.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa however commented on the development saying Dr Magombey’s only crime was to “ask for a living wage for his profession”.

In Zimbabwe there is a trend of activists and opponents of the government often abducted and tortured.

The police say they are investigating the incident but claimed there was a possibility it was staged to tarnish the country’s reputation.

Last month a Zimbabwean comedienne was reportedly abducted and brutalized for her sketches and acts.

Samantha Kureya, known by her stage name “Gonyeti” was accused by her attackers of undermining the government through her popular acts.


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