Zambia’s new Vice President is white




PRESIDENT Mugabe has congratulated Zambians on their just-ended elections saying peaceful power transferas opposed to the western bombardment as witnessed in Libya was the only way to build peace in Africa.

He congratulated Dr Guy Scott on his ascension to the office of vice president of Zambia saying there was nothing odd in the development.

The President told delegates here as he addressed the Comesa Summit plenary yesterday that at Independence in 1980, Zimbabwe had five whites in Cabinet – four from the Rhodesian Front of Ian Smith and an independent, the then agriculture minister Dennis Norman.

“We have had demonstrations of peaceful elections, the most recent one being in Zambia, that is the only way you can build peace, and that is the way to go,” the President said as he decried the Nato bombardment in Libya that has claimed thousands of innocent lives.

“To my brother who has been sitting next to me,” referring to Dr Scott: “Marondera where you were in school, the NDP formed in 1960, two years of life before it was banned by Ian Smith. We want to congratulate him for being elected, I think he will be the first white vice president,” the President said to applause from delegates.

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