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Why I have not recorded any new song — D’banj

It is not an overstatement to say that singer D’banj took the industry by storm. Born Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, the singer practically dominated the airwaves with songs such as Oliver Twist, Fall in Love, Why Me, and many others.

Popularly called the Koko master, the singer was also featured by artistes to make hit tracks.

His fans described him as the African Michael Jackson, just as the superstar saw himself as an entertainer, with confidence that continued to power him through doors.

Among his contemporaries, he was the fans’ favourite, as his stagecraft was second to none.

However, after the breakup of Mo’hits record label, D’banj was signed to GOOD Music, founded by Kanye but the facts remained clear, D’banj did not release any solo project under GOOD Music.

Ever since his split with Don Jazzy in 2011, there’s been a steady decline of D’banj’s musical powers, even though his celebrity went the other way.

Each year brings another D’banj power move and endorsement deal, but the quality of the music takes a hit which can not stand the kind of songs that are currently rocking the airwaves.

In an interview with The Eagle Online, the Koko master disclosed that the reason his fans have not heard from him in a while is because he has been doing other businesses. He said, ” You have not heard from me in a while because I have been doing business.

“I tell people that music gets you into a room and what you do inside that room is entirely up to you.

“I have been more focused especially when I became a family man.

“This is my sixth year of being married and I have been on different platforms.

“If you search Jay Z on Google, or the richest musicians in the world, you will see that money made from their music is just 10 per cent.

“We need that in Nigeria. We need that kind of structure.

“Having the right merchandise because that is what will sustain you.

“It goes beyond music alone to attain the luxury lifestyle that you want.”

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