West African Roloway monkeys, one of the most endangered species arrive UK Zoo

Chester Zoo announced on Thursday the arrival of a family of rare Roloway monkeys, one of the world’s most endangered species of primates.

According to Chester Zoo, Roloway monkeys are on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss in West Africa.

Deforestation, agricultural expansion, and poaching in countries such as Ivory Coast and Ghana means that there are just a few hundred remaining on the planet.

Staff at the facility described the arrival of the monkeys as “incredibly special.”

The family of four includes mum Masaya and dad Grizu, along with two young sons Anum and Ilo.

The monkeys have a unique look: a dark body, white chest and distinctive white ruffs around their faces.

The zoo said the family will be part of an international conservation breeding programme to safeguard their species from extinction.

“In the last few decades alone, Roloway monkeys have experienced a devastating crash in numbers, losing around 90% of its population,” said Mike Jordan, Director of Animal and Plants at the zoo.

“With these charismatic monkeys now facing imminent extinction in the wild, it will be the role of conservation zoos like ours to do everything possible to help them to recover,” he added.

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s authority on the state of nature, Roloway monkeys are listed as critically endangered – the highest conservation priority in need of urgent attention.

Sourced from Africanews

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