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Were the Deaths of Chad and Tanzania Presidents Prophesied by Wiseman Daniel?

BY Akin Badmus

Merely a few weeks after the sudden passing of Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, the death of yet another African President, Chad’s own Idriss Déby, was announced to the world on Tuesday 21st April 2021, but was all this foretold by Nigerian cleric Wiseman Daniel?

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Wiseman Daniel, the founder of ELOHIM Ministries, is seen reading out a list of prophecies for the year 2021 during his Candlelight Service on December 31st.

He said, “We are praying for the African continent as a whole, for God’s intervention. A person can only be in a position of authority as long as God permits. May God help our African leaders to make Heaven at the end of their journey on earth. The aim and objective of every individual on this earth is to make Heaven at last – that is the only reason why we are living. Everybody wants to travel or embark on a journey at the right time. Two African leaders will receive calls or invitation letters to travel somewhere which ordinarily is not their wish at this time but remember man proposes God disposes. What does this mean? We are praying for our African leaders.”

At the time of the ‘prophecy’, only a few understood that Wiseman Daniel was speaking in a parable, likening death to a journey that no one will willingly want to embark on. With the world, only a quarter way into the year 2021, two giants from the same continent had already passed on. On March 17, 2021, Tanzania’s, President John Magufuli died after a 10-year battle with a heart ailment and Chadian President Idriss Déby, who had been a strongman in the West-Central African region, died from wounds sustained while battling rebel forces on the front line. These developments have left the African continent in gloom, both leaving a deep void in their nations that will long be felt by their people.

Has God raised a generation of prophets who can foretell what is to come? The sudden death of these two powerful leaders, has no doubt left the entire African continent in shock and dismay but one thing is sure, Africa remains God’s beloved, and God will never leave his beloved in the dark regarding future events. For the Bible says in Amos 3:7, “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

With many claims of miracles and prophecies, Wiseman Daniel’s YouTube channel is rapidly gaining attention as it reaches over 50,000 subscribers, generating over 4,000,000 views in its first year.

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