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Trump compared to Mugabe amid looming election defeat

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A former US official has compared President Donald Trump to Zimbabwe’s late leader Robert Mugabe.

Samantha Power’s comparison was in relation to Trump’s comments alleging fraud, without evidence, in the US election.

President Trump had claimed that he was being cheated out of re-election, blaming his dwindling chances for re-election on votes cast illegally.

He has been widely criticised for the comments with many saying that he was undermining US democratic systems.

Samantha Power, who served as the UN ambassador in the administration of former President Barack Obama, tweeted that Mr Trump was “going full Robert Mugabe”.

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Late President Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe from 1980 until he was ousted in a coup in 2017.

His stay in office for decades was secured through elections marred by widespread allegations of fraud.

But some Africans on Twitter were not happy with the comparison between Trump and Mugabe.

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Some Africans felt Americans must stop pointing fingers at others instead of appreciating the problems in their own country.


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