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Tionge Hango earns music directorate award

Malawian musician Tionge Hango has received a music directorate award courtesy of the University of Salford, Manchester, England.

Hango was given the award after emerging outstanding student at the university where he has been studying music for three years. The singer said he won the award through his involvement in different performances with the world Music Ensemble at the university.

Hango said his accolade was a recognition of outstanding achievement across all music courses under the department of arts and media which has 10 awards under its portfolio.

Tionge Hango revels in his recognition

“I was given the top most award. Other awards are chosen by a single lecturer per subject, but mine was decided by all of them,” he said in an interview from his base in Manchester.

He said it was not an easy ride for him since he was coming from a country which doesn’t have a proper music education system.

The artist said: “When I got here I thought it was just the practical and theory side of music, but that was just a dot. The course was hard and demanded full attention. You need to do research, music technology and even music journalism.”

Hango said the qualification that he has earned will open opportunities for him in Europe through projects that he ca use to fuse Malawian music with western influences and facilitate music and cultural exchange trips.

“Music is a well-paying job. Musicians make so much money. I want to be one of the first people to make a contribution towards making music a reliable job and to make sure that in future music should be made part of our syllabus in schools,” he said. 

The Malawian has been performing with the World Ensemble which is directed by Dr Jostine Loubster. The ensemble comprises members from countries such as Brazil, Norway, UK, Nigeria, Spain and German.

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