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The Independent Recourse Mechanism launches its first Accountability Report

The Independent Recourse Mechanism (IRM) of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) launches its first-ever Accountability Report to present its performance to its stakeholders ahead of the Bank’s Annual General Meeting scheduled in Accra, Ghana from 23-27 May 2022.

The 2021 Accountability Report presents IRM’s activities and progress against its annual workplan, and towards fulfilling its vision, mission, and core values. The report particularly highlights IRM’s performance in complaints handling in the field of compliance review and problem solving, in advisory services and knowledge products as well as in communications and outreach. The report is intended for AfDB’s Boards of Directors, staff, collaborators, partners and, most importantly for people adversely affected by Bank-funded projects who bring forward complaints to the IRM for remedy.

“Through this report, our aim is to provide a clear and transparent account of our processes, activities and outcomes”, explains IRM Director David Simpson. “It is just one of the communications tools we are deploying to better enable project-affected people and the organizations that advocate for them to better understand and access our services.”

The IRM’s 2021 report also provides an update on the implementation status of some of the recommendations made during IRM’s most recent Policy Review process which concluded in 2021. It also highlights some significant changes like IRM’s rebranding and restructuring which were introduced as a result of its recent policy review process.

The Chair of AfDB’s CODE (Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness), Mbuyamu Matungulu welcomes the Report noting that “IRM’s results in this report showcase its relevance and effectiveness and how it further contributes to advancing the Bank’s sustainability goal”

Click here to access IRM’s 2021 Accountability Report

About the Independent Recourse Mechanism

The Independent Recourse Mechanism provides individuals or communities who are adversely affected by Bank-financed operations with an independent mechanism through which they can raise their concerns, seek redress, and hold the Bank to account for ensuring it complies with its policies and procedures related to sustainability. The Bank’s complaint mechanism became operational in 2006 and has received over 100 complaints submitted by civil society organizations and affected communities. The mandate of the IRM covers both public and private sector operations of the Bank Group.

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