The Fall of a Dictatorship requires sacrifices


Below is the press release submitted at the conclusion of the meeting:

31st July 2011




This is mostly a gratitude message to the Rwandan community in Europe that attended today public

meeting in Brussels. Around 500 people responded to our call and actively took part in the debates.

The agenda for change has taken the necessary momentum.


Dr Nkiko Nsengimana. Dr Theogene Rudasingwa, Paul Rusesabagina, Joseph Bukeye, Michel

Niyibizi, Dr Emmanuel Mwiseneza, Dr Gerald Gahima, Charles Ndereyehe, Lieutenant General

Kayumba Nyamwasa, Jonathan Musonera, Joseph Ngarambe, Alice Muhirwa, Sylvain Sibomana

were the key speakers.


On behalf of civil society, Ambassador Jean Marie Vianney Ndagijimana presented COVIGLA

advocacy project in favor of all survivals and victims of waves of tragedies and humanitarian

crimes that regularly occur in the Great Lakes region.


Mr Jean Baptiste Ryumugabe and Mr Gerard Karangwa Semushi respectively representatives of the

Parti Social Imberakuri and PDP Imanzi addressed the public as well.


  • Regarding the campaign “Free Victoire Ingabire” and other political leaders, the meeting

praised their courage, dedication and promised to keep the light lit until freedom. The

meeting invited Rwandans inside and outside Rwanda to stand up and make the change a

reality by supporting our calls for democracy, justice, genuine reconciliation, durable peace

and freedom.


  • The meeting analysed the current political situation in Rwanda and noticed that all the signs

of the last days of the regime are clear and that Rwandans need to be ready for the

democratic change. The fall of all dictatorships takes sacrifices. All Rwandans need to shape

the looming change for a better Rwanda and lasting peace.


  • Genocide against Tutsi populations and crimes against humanity committed in Rwanda

against Hutu populations and those committed in the DRC as established by the UN

Mapping report need to be prosecuted.


  • The question of Rwandan refugees and the application of cessation close is a serious matter

of concern. Rwandans have genuine reasons to flee the dictatorship. Since June 2011,

thousands of refugees have signed a protest petition to UNHCR and host countries. In

September 2011, a call for demonstrations at the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva

(Switzerland) is in the pipeline.


  • As for the much touted visit of President Paul Kagame in Paris on 12″” September 2011, the

Rwandan opposition and sections of France citizens are preparing a huge demonstration

against his brutal rule.


The organizing committee praised the Belgian government for the heavy and important deployment

of security detail.


For the organizing Committee;


Dr. Emmanuel Mwiseneza,

Senior Information Officer



Joseph Ngarambe


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