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Tanzanian Preacher Says Late Nigeria Singer Osinachi Nwachukwu Is Rotting In Hell

7 days after the burial of renowned Nigerian singer Osinachi Nwachukwu, one preacher from Tanzania Allen Miray has shared a scary revelation about the powerful vocalist.

Sharing his spiritual revelation in a Facebook post on July 2, the clergy said Osinachi is in hell because of her disobedience.

According to him, God warned Osinachi severally to change her ways but the Ekwueme crooner refused and kept using ‘instruments of Jezebel.’


My dear, read my words carefully. I’m not a person who like to write condemnation on people. However, if the Lord instructs me to do it I will.

For those who have been following me for some time you already know the post I made about how Osinachi Nwachukwu failed to enter the gates of heaven because of women adornment. People really reacted when I wrote that post.

Some said that I’m seeking attention and notoriety in the social media and others told me that I’m riding on someone else’s wings to make a name for myself. People went as far as cursing me to my third generation which was really extreme, well this one is another message whether you like it or not it’s the truth!!!

Few days ago we were in vigil prayer in the church when suddenly the Lord appeared and he told me” Allen, what is the latest news about the gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu?”.

I told the Lord” very recently I saw a YouTube story that they were performing a burial ceremony, I saw the coffin in the church which I believe they were going to Bury her at last( I don’t know if she’s buried yet)”

The Lord said to me” go and speak about this again, tell my children what happened. Osinachi is in hell for disobedience, I warned her but she never wanted to listen to me.

I warned her many times through different ways but still she did not listen to me. She just kept hardening her heart and using these instruments of jezebel. She’s now in hell suffering great torment, she’s burning in fire because of the property of jezebel she was using”.

Then I saw a hand that was pointed on the floor with one finger and I heard a voice saying” The woman who sang ekuweme song is down there deep in hell, she’s now in suffering and torment of hell”. I was astonished at this hand because it was pointing down to the floor which means the heart of the earth which hell”.

Dear friend, I can assure you that Osinachi the gospel singer is in hell now. Last time I said that I was only told by the Lord Osinachi failed to enter heaven but the Lord did not say she fell in hell .Thus, I did not conclude.

But today I tell you that this woman is in hell for using things like earrings, wig and artificial hair. Women of God are falling every day in hell because they die in Christ but in their bodies there are things like make up, jewelry, artificial hair, high heels, the so called lady pants and etc.

In the comments people were like” so the Lord told you she failed to go to heaven because of worldly adornment but why did the Lord not send you when she was alive to warn her?”, well today you have your answer dear, just as the same way you are hardening your heart and calling me an extremist it is the same way Osinachi was hardening her heart.

The Lord told me that he warned her many times to abandon all these things but she did not listen. The Lord said that Osinachi was disobedient and did not listen to the Lord’s warning, now she’s regretting being disobedient just because she wanted to look normal like every gospel singer. Fame brings corruption. I feel so bad whenever I listen to her songs but I can’t do anything about it, I wish I was not telling the truth.

There’s this sister here on Facebook who follows me and comments in most of my posts and the way she comments it’s so encouraging like” yes it’s true bro, keep on saying the truth” but for some time now I see no change in her life. In fact, in her profile she’s in lady pants and if you visit her gallery you would be shocked how can someone who follow holiness messages still keeps such pictures in her gallery (and these are recent pictures).

There’s also this other servant of God who talked to me how she realised that artificial hair and wigs are demonic and God even showed her, this was during the time I was speaking about it and I was expecting from that day onwards a radical change in her life but to my surprise I kept seeing the same thing. Infact, she was posting new pictures wearing trousers and wearing wigs, I think she has several wigs or maybe she weaves new hair each week. I was so heartbroken, we talked a lot about this issue and I even told her that God is against these things but as I’m talking now she still wears wigs and weavons, I’m probably sure she already uploaded a new picture with another wig and with trousers.

This is disobedience to the Lord. Despite knowing it is not pleasing she still wants to use these things knowing very much that these things has taken many women to hell. I washed my hands in innocence because her blood is not in my hands anymore, I already warned her.

Let me warn you daughters of zion, whether your a prophetess,evangelist,prayer warrior , a deaconess or a pastor’s wife, no matter your position or title you need to stop using all these things along with fake nails, nail paints including the colorless white base, perming, relaxing and straightening your hair, jewelry of all kind, indecent clothes and things like that because you will never make it to heaven.

Let this serve as a warning and a reminder to all those ladies that still want to be like the world, I wash my hands in this matter

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