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The Significance of the New Signage at the Ouarzazate Tree Nursery in Morocco

By Yossef Ben-Meir, Marrakech Twenty-seven years ago, I lived in a village called Amsouzerte in the Tifnoute Valley, the south side of the High Atlas Mountains, closeby to the burial location of the Moroccan-Hebrew saint David-Ou-Mouche. The Tifnoute community and its region long desired for the building of a fruit tree nursery so that they could move away from subsistence… Read More
ruit tree nursery at Akrich North Africa 

A Paradigm Project for the Future – Location: Morocco

What makes for a great development project?  Which qualities imbue an initiative with longevity and sustainability, enabling it to meet a whole range of interconnected material and emotional needs?  Is there a single concept applicable to a specific geographical location that – exceptionally – embodies those qualities? Yes!  Allow me to introduce what I term a Paradigm Project – shovel-ready,… Read More