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The Significance of the New Signage at the Ouarzazate Tree Nursery in Morocco

By Yossef Ben-Meir, Marrakech Twenty-seven years ago, I lived in a village called Amsouzerte in the Tifnoute Valley, the south side of the High Atlas Mountains, closeby to the burial location of the Moroccan-Hebrew saint David-Ou-Mouche. The Tifnoute community and its region long desired for the building of a fruit tree nursery so that they could move away from subsistence agriculture. They struggled with the risk of giving over portions of their farmlands to the venture. The Saint’s tomb, which belongs to the Moroccan Jewish community, is surrounded by empty…

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ruit tree nursery at Akrich North Africa 

A Paradigm Project for the Future – Location: Morocco

What makes for a great development project?  Which qualities imbue an initiative with longevity and sustainability, enabling it to meet a whole range of interconnected material and emotional needs?  Is there a single concept applicable to a specific geographical location that – exceptionally – embodies those qualities? Yes!  Allow me to introduce what I term a Paradigm Project – shovel-ready, with the potential to be inaugurated in the Kingdom of Morocco.  In this context, a particular dimension of sustainability is germane. 

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