Rwanda – Authorities hound independent journalists at home and abroad

Reporters Without Borders condemns the Rwandan government’s lack of transparency and its unacceptable acts of harassment and intimidation of journalists with the aim of suppressing freedom of information and independent reporting. Rwandan journalists have been the victims of the government’s harassment for years, but the targets have for some also included foreign journalists, especially Ugandan ones. “The Rwandan government often responds to charges of blocking information by portraying itself as the target of malicious international groups that secretly wage what it calls a ‘Blame Rwanda’ campaign,” said Cléa Kahn-Sriber, head…

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What the world hears Rwanda does not

iIn Rwandwa Freedom of PressThe Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports that 18 independent Rwandan journalists live in exile. Additionally, four journalists have been murdered with their cases having gone unsolved let alone investigated. The regional contrast to Rwanda and media freedoms, CPJ reports, that in the last ten years the DRC has three journalists who have fled into exile, Libya reports one and Ethiopia reporting five.   With the death of Charles Ingabire in December of 2011 the UNHCR received much pressure from the international community to relocate the Rwandan journalists in exile who resided in Uganda in order to prevent another unexplainable death. Many have since been relocated to other countries around the world but this relocation process is no paradise.  While the journalists are grateful for the protection they face new challenges of language barriers, seeking employment and simply trying to feed themselves. Many have the misconception that once relocated the host country supports their every need. This is not true. They struggle to maintain daily subsistence.


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