Human Rights Zambia 

Zambia: Guarantee human rights for all during elections period

11 August 2021, Ahead of the highly anticipated elections in Zambia tomorrow, global civil society alliance CIVICUS calls on the government of President Edgar Lungu to guarantee the rights of all Zambians and refrain from shutting down the internet during and after the elections. Scheduled for 12 August 2021, the elections take place in an environment of fear, threats of violence and intimidation as President Lungu seeks to extend his stay in office. Civil society organisations in Zambia are deeply concerned over ongoing restrictions on the freedom of expression and…

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Zambia Politics OP-ED Zambia 

Zambia: Politically Clutched Gifts and Donations

By Henry Kyambalesa Zambians have perhaps never witnessed a period during their country’s history when donations and gift-giving by any politician and/or political party were as prevalent, unchallenged, and apparently deliberate as they have this election year. Money, vehicles, bicycles, and corn meal (or mealie meal) are being “showered” lavishly and selectively on chieftains and other societal groups throughout the country like manna from Heaven! President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front are clearly the major culprits in this enterprise. This is clearly not only unscrupulous and predatory; it is,…

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