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Opinion: The struggle of young African entrepreneurs

My purpose for this post is to inspire some entrepreneur out there. I met an entrepreneur and shared my story with him, but with a focus that he should concentrate on getting himself out of the hole, focus on the future. You can cry about today’s challenge but your cry would not change the situation, what would change the situation is you remaining focused on work, restrategize, rebrand, get your socks up! My story The past 2 years has been a period of pain and loses for me and my…

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Power is dangerous unless you have humility

A Conversation with Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa By: Jennifer Fierberg After a long flight to Washington DC, Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa sat down with this writer for an exclusive two-hour interview. Upon meeting him, one can immediately sense that Mr. Ayabatwa is a humble man with an obvious desire to improve the business community of Africa as well as empowering the lives of Africans through support in their business ventures.  He is a soft-spoken man with a welcoming smile that never left his face no matter the topic. Mr. Ayabatwa is retired…

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