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T – Frank Releases New Song “Talk To Me” Featuring Kwama Yogot

He began his musical career in 2008 after he left school to focus on music.

The X factor in the United Kingdom (UK) helped him collaborate with diverse bands and musical shows. He has had the opportunity to perform in clubs, pubs, and carnivals.

T Frank has spent years finessing his vocal and songwriting skills which is why his latest single is a smash hit. Each song he releases is always better than the last.

T Frank has been recognized for his amazing, magical, and well-put-together performances of his Afrobeat hit songs. Many who have witnessed his performance has testified to how magical it was. His performance in Reading Got Talent showcased his versatility. T Frank could go from RnB to Pop to Afrobeat at the drop of a hat.

“Talk To Me” by T Frank was released on the 21st day of June 2021 to massive airplay. This song that featured the talented Ghanaian hitmaker, rapper, Kwama Yogot became an instant hit and a fan favorite when it was released.

This song, “Talk To Me” is the fourth single by T Frank that followed the success of his other hit songs like “Mama” (ft Safoa), “Stay” (ft Cryxtal), and “Abena” ( ft Fella Man)

“Talk To Me” by T Frank is about to become his most promising song yet. “Talk To Me” is an Afrobeat song just like every other song released by T Frank it is no wonder it has such a great appeal on local and international fans. “Talk To Me” signifies a grand return for T Frank on the Liberian music scene.

“Talk To Me” which is a love song has catchy lyrics that can get you in your feelings and a beat that can have you vibing and moving your feet at the same time. Kwame Yogot, the talented Ghanaian rapper who was featured on this hit song helped take this song to the next level with the perfect rendition of his verse.

This love song featuring the talented Ghanaian rapper Kwame Yogot, has gained a lot of popularity and has been picked by a lot of music blogs on the internet, and has been shared several times on different social media platforms.

“Talk To Me” by T Frank featuring Kwame Yogot is now available on different streaming platforms. If you have not listened to this song then, in the popular phrase coined by the Nigerian Music legend “D Banj” “you are on a long thing.” There is still time to listen to this hit song. Happy listening!

Download T Frank – Talk To Me ft Kwame Yogot


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