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Sudan: Unending crisis as soldiers kill students

All seems calming in Sudan but that was just not to happen after soldiers tried breaking up protesters on Monday resulting in deaths.

There has been a huge outrage in the north African country with protesters demanding immediate transfer of power to a civilian regime.

It follows the killing of five protesters in North Kordofan state.  At least four of those killed were secondary school students.

The Sudan Professional’s Association has blamed the ruling military council for the deaths.

There are indications there could be more protests in the coming days and is now calling for nationwide protests.

Sudan’s military leadership on Saturday revealed that eight senior military officers will face charges over the deadly crackdown on protesters in June.

These soldiers are to be charged with crimes against humanity for their roles in the death of some protesters on June 3.

Investigations have been probing the killings for weeks. Government prosecutors told a news conference on Saturday that at least 87 people died in the capital, Khartoum.

Not all were happy with the findings from the prosecutors though with some disputing the actual death toll.

But Fath al-Rahman Saeed, the head of the investigative committee revealed that some soldiers fired live ammunition at protesters.

The protesters were demanding a civilian regime after the toppling of long time leader, Omar al-Bashir.


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