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Israeli police injure 20 Palestinians at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque

Our attention has been drawn to reports of Israeli’s unprovoked attacks, intimidation and molestation of worshippers inside Al-Aqsa Mosque. These attacks, it is reported started on the night of Wednesday 5th April, 2023 and continued the following morning. While our hearts remained sadden over the sorry state security situation in the occupied Arab lands and territories, we condemn the silence of the established religious institutions and mainstream media.

Having stated the above, the Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Foundation (STBHF) joins all peace-loving people to condemn attacks on religious places of worship by Israeli Police, the inaction of the Israeli government in the face of these attacks and their failure to bring to justice those responsible for these reckless acts. These attacks on the third holiest shrine in Islam, and which were carried during the holy month of Ramadan is a provocation that threatens peace and security.

It is reported also that during these attacks many worshippers were injured and over 500 arrested. The attacks on unarmed worshippers are violations of human rights and civilization. Al Aqsa is a Muslim Holy center, and only Muslims have the rights to determine who visits or stays in the premises.

It has grown so unfortunate and daily continues to grow worst with no steps taking by the international community to end the violence against the Palestinian Arab people, whose lands and territories are painfully held to ransom. We remain deeply concerned at the apparent State complicity and level of impunity enjoyed by perpetrators of these attacks on Muslim worshippers at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The actual level of damage that may have been unleashed on the worshippers during the reported Al Aqsa Mosque attacks may have been much higher, as many similar attacks had taken place before but remained unreported, due to fear of reprisals and the lack of confidence on international players. In addition, we are very disturbed to see continued Israeli forces attacks on Palestinians in the occupied territories, which is a clear indication of State complicity, and the lack of any interest to peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The deafening silence on the part of mainstream institutions in relation to these attacks is appalling, but again not surprising, considering their unwillingness to end the suffering of the Palestinian people.

We also note with growing concern that Breaking News Alert Service or mainstream media institutions have given little or no coverage to these attacks, or previous attacks instigated by Israeli forces operating in the occupied Arab lands and territories.

It is no longer news. Al-Aqsa is a Mosque and agreement with Israel stated that Jordan would have its custody as a Muslim holy site. What have increased Muslim concerns, and anxieties about the Mosque is Jewish extremists calling for Jewish ritual slaughter inside Al-Aqsa during this Passover period.

The context of this attack is the rise of Israeli Jewish religious fanaticism. Everyone who follows the news clearly sees the rise of Jewish religious fanaticism manifesting itself in aggression against others. This aggression is not only directed against Muslims. It is directed also against Christians and secular Jews.

All peace-loving people should pressure Israel to respect the religious rights of people of all faith. We call upon the international community, in particular the United Nations Security Council, to hold the Israel accountable and responsible for the heinous crimes, and for them to release immediately all Palestinian detainees. We urge also the UN and international community to immediately take concrete steps to stop and end the various violations committed by Israel against Al-Aqsa.

Ramadan Mubarak!


Foday M. Kamara

Interim Country Director

Heikh Tamim Bin Hamad Foundation

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