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Saint Square Record Label will add value to music industry, says Okusanya

SHOWBIZ personality Square Okusanya has opined that his newly-launched studio, Saint Square Record Label, aims to empower upcoming artists in their bid to kick-start their careers in the music industry.

Speaking on the new venture, Okusanya who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said when he decided to set up a music studio in Lagos, he wanted to add value to the industry as well as empower young artists to find their voice among the stars in the country.

“We decided to set up a studio in Nigeria simply because all the signed artists under the Saint Square Record Label are Nigerians living in Nigeria at the moment, and they need a hub where their talents can daily find expression. We believe an artist needs to constantly, regularly create and recreate the music and the studio makes that an easy platform for them,” he said.

Okusanya also admitted that the industry is large enough to accommodate all and sundry that are willing to impact society saying, “The music industry is a place of information, orientation, and sensitisation which sadly has positive and negative effects on both the message, conveyor (musician), and the receiver (audience). Our vision as a record label with a difference is to “breathe life into entertainment” with the mindset of channeling our artists in the right direction, which is to do good music with lyrics that will bless, motivate, encourage, inspire and challenge people towards greatness.”

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