President Kagame uses internet media to harass Rwandan Opposition

Umuvugizi investigation has established that Rwanda president Paul Kagame himself has ordered the creation of internet social media intense scrutiny on anyone who may differ with him on Rwandan policies.  General Karenzi Karake, the head of NSS has created a lot of social media, to neutralize so many individual and organizations’ social media, which are gaining momentum in exposing the dictatorial regime mismanagement of the country.  

Following his supreme boss authority, General Karenzi Karake decided to create “The Exposer”, which aim is to discredit any Rwanda regime opponents, inside or outside the country.  The Exposer principal goal is to defame President Kagame’s opponents like Dr Himbara David , Dr. Rudasingwa Theogene, Rwanda investor Rujugiro Ayabatwa Tribert, former Rwanda general prosecutor Gerald Gahima, and others .

The daily funder of The Exposer is General Nziza Jack. He has the power to use undetermined sum of money, using Rwanda Ministry of Defense budget, under NSS.  This budget is not in any scrutiny.  They can use tons of money in this effort, which can influence, in a big way, how mainstream media see Rwandan policies’ opponents.

By Gasasira , Sweden

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