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Police in Ghana shoot into student protesters

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Over 20 students of the Islamic Senior High School in Ghana’s Ashanti Region are receiving treatment in a hospital after police fired shots during a protest.

The police also fired tear gas to disperse the students who were demonstrating to draw attention to road accidents around the school.

The students are said to have blocked the road in front of their school in the course of their protest over frequent knockdowns.

Eyewitnesses say the police allegedly used tear gas to seek to disperse the irate students, leaving about thirty of them reeling on the ground and needing medical attention.

The injured students were rushed in ambulances to the hospital for medical attention.

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A journalist in the area Hafiz Tijani reported that the police were called in to clear the road block and disperse the demonstrating crowd.

Some of the students were said to have gone unconscious and others were left with severe pain as a result of the firing of tear gas at them.

There are currently ambulances in the school transporting the injured students to the hospital, while police presence in the school has intensified.

Some parents have also trooping into the school following the incident.

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“I heard there is a scuffle in the school and the police attacked the students, shooting and beating them. I heard the police chased them even into their dormitories and were beating the girls. I feel very bad seeing school children on the floor unconscious. Everybody is messed up here,” a parent said.

The Ghana Police Service has initiated a probe into the disturbances as the police chief heads to the school. The police have also confirmed that some officers are also injured.


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