Parks Adventure Ltd

Parks Adventure is an independent specialist travel company. Parks Adventure’s proprietors and guides have been active in the tour industry in East Africa for more than 25 years >and are experts in the field. They are backed by a small, committed team of travel professionals who really do have a passion for what they are doing. From the very beginning, the company’s central tenet was to offer safaris which were inspiring to travelers, but also brought benefits to the local people, wildlife and environment of the destination. Parks Adventure has a focus on the local people, who, at the time the company began, tended not be getting a fair deal in the world of tourism. We wanted to change this, as we believe that local people should benefit from tourism and from their own natural resources. Without involving local people, good quality tourism is not sustainable. If local people can not benefit from their own natural resources, such as national parks, why should they protect them?

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