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#NigerianIdol Review: 16-year-old Beyoncé, Comfort sneak into the hearts of Nigerians

This Sunday’s episode of Nigerian Idol saw the selection of the finest un-harvested singers in the country. Eleven contestants were sorted out by the judges, and by next week, their fate will be in the hands of the audience.

At this stage, talent alone may not be enough to get the contestants through. Character and relatability can also play a key role, as these guys are equally talented. It would however, be interesting to see if sheer talent would be enough to make some contestants scale through.

Personally, singers like Faith Mac, Clinton Francis and Kingdom Kroseide in tonight’s episode put up performances that even the judges couldn’t deliberate on. Even when Faith forgot her lyrics there was no doubt that she belonged to the finalists’ spot. To the judges these guys were undeniably and undebatable finalists, and there was no mixed feelings in their assessments.

Based on character however, early favorites include Comfort who has been an endearing character since her first audition; having survived last week on the whims of the judges who pointed out her mistakes but still pardoned her at the expense of her team mates.

This week, her performance was riddled with mistakes and lack of confidence but the judges gave her their vote of confidence for the Top 11 regardless. She would even become a topic of discussion on social media.

Another lovable yet controversial character is 16-year-old Beyoncé.

The young teenage girl with big ambitious dreams, holds same name with one of the world’s most beloved singer and a face that had fans of the show “Awwwing.” Some don’t think she deserved the spot however.

Time will tell how fans ultimately respond to these singers, but for now, we have to wait and see what these finalists can bring to the table. Will any of them join the rank of stars that have emerged from the season’s before them?

With what we can see, our answer is yes.

For Chinedu Okafor, its all about making an impact with words,  creating a profound impression on the audience with the intended narrative.

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