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Nigerian Independence Day celebrations gets its own L.I.F.E

An annual celebration of diversity, unity, culture and our Independence, the event is designed to immerse Nigerians in a universe of amusement, education, entertainment and appreciation of our rich heritage.

From the Saturday, October 1 to Monday, October 3, 2022 at the Federal Palace Hotel, a symbolic edifice that was the setting for the signing of Nigeria’s Declaration of Independence in 1960, families will come together for an unlimited experience.

Unveiling the culture fiesta at media briefing which held recently at Ogidi Studios, Lekki, Lagos, Olorunnimbe expressed enthusiasm to partner with Balmoral Group to put the spotlight back on the Nigerian Independence Day celebrations.

“Why does Nigeria’s Independence day feel like a funeral? After a few speeches in the morning, we all sat at our homes with our kids. On July 4, the United States’ independence is celebrated all over the world. Life is our own way of celebrating our own country, we don’t intend to Japa, our intention is to give those who have Japa a reason to come back home.,” he said.

Shedding more light, Winifred Okpapi, Head of Strategy, Temple management revealed that the festival will be divided into a Daytime and Nighttime Series, catering to the unique needs of both children and adults.

She explained further that the Daytime series will feature a kids wonderland; an interactive city that will allow children develop all the necessary skills to grow through life. It will also feature a Naija Flavour section that explores the best of Nigerian cuisine and culture in never-before-seen ways. A leadership training panel section is also provided with seasoned speakers to help expand the minds of the public on a broad spectrum.

Similarly, the Nighttime series will cater to movie premieres, music concerts, all-white parties, comedy nights and even a Night of Music legends. “The experience is purpose built to be like absolutely nothing that has been done during Independence in the country,” says Winifred Okpapi.

Ezekiel Adamu, CEO of Balmoral Group, underlined why the event is a must-have. According to him, the lack-lustre and indifference that has always greeted the October 1stt Independence Day celebration would be corrected by L.I.F.E Festival.

He explained, “It is two heads coming together and we thought about it. Indeed, October 1st does not have to be like a funeral. For instance, Balmoral has a network of venues on offer to host this event. Other festivals like Diwali Festival are being celebrated like no other.

We felt that the narrative of celebrating independence in Nigeria is changing and we needed to do something about it. Most of the time, Independence Day is when everyone just stays home. We don’t do anything. It’s only the speech we hear [from the president] at 7 am. We thought to create an event that is educative for the children and entertaining for the adults. We intended to start this year.

“But we concluded that a nationwide event of this sort needed proper planning. So we pushed it to next year and announced our plans a year prior. This is to make sure that we put together a befitting event that is here to stay.

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