Malawi:President Bingu WA Mutharika says Donors can go to Hell

Mutharika, vividly annoyed, said civil society organisations were planning to hold a new round of street protests and that some donors were funding them.

“We know that this month of March they are planning to hold demonstrations. I am asking you all in the DPP to counter that this should not happen. They want to claim peaceful demonstrations when they have thugs that destroy peoples property. All you in DPP in the South, North and Centre should make sure when the demonstrations start they know what to do,” he said.

“If any donor says this is not democracy to hell with them. If they are tired let them pack up and go!”

Mutharika also said those that are calling him names should stop at once because he was tired. He also made reference to ‘whites’ as some of those that ridicule him.

“You my people should know what to do with such people. I am tired. If The Nation newspaper and Zodiak radio station wants to say I m threatening let them go ahead. Enough is enough I will not take this nonsense anymore,” he warned.

Mutharika then asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to live him alone for just six months to fix the fuel crisis.

“The IMF should stand aside and I can promise to solve this crisis. I am here to protect my people and their interests. I can not devalue the Kwacha and let my people suffer just for the sake of pleasing Washington. They will be smiling there as my people are crying here, I cannot do that.”

Mutharika has claimed he is a democrat and that Africans through chieftaincy system have practiced democracy far more years before the whites came to the continent. He believes chiefs consulting their indunas is a democracy in itself so donors should not dictate democracy on Africans.

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