Malawi’s outspoken MP Jessie Kabwila wants Mutharika to fire greedy Ministers

Kabwila also said DPP cabinet ministers behavior is not different from People’s Party (PP) which was also characterized with abuse of government resource.

“This is why Zikhale Ng’oma said DPP and PP are the same. They both have a habit of milking government. The country needs leaders who can
sacrifice for the country and understand people’s suffering,” said Kabwila.

Earlier this week a memo containing several proposals including the salary hike was leaked a development that is said to have angered the
president who warned that he will deal with anyone who leaks such documents.

In the memo dated 20th August 2014, acting Chief Secretary to government Willie Samute among other things proposed that Mutharika should approve a raise of a full ministers’ salary from the current k600, 000 to K3.5 million a month, while that of a deputy ministers should raise from k428, 000 to k3 million.

State House Press Secretary Frederick Ndala told media that Mutharika rejected the proposal as he found it unethical to raise ministers’ salaries when the cost of living is not only high for the ministers but to every Malawian.

Meanwhile, Samute has been pushed to his post of deputy chief secretary and George Mkondiwa is now the Chief Secretary.

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