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WHEN we tell you Namibian artists are putting in the work, we are not joking! Everywhere you look, there’s a cool new track, music video or album out, and it’s exciting to witness.

From soft jazz and soul to hip-hop, dance hall, and everything in between, music is the real remedy in life, and just for you, our readers, we’ve gathered some of that new-new to keep you entertained and medicated.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the new music we think you need to check out.


Chantell Uiras, known by many as Diolini, has been an integral part of the arts scene in Windhoek, and is finally giving us her first fully fledged project. It is a five-track compilation, titled ‘Relics of the Sun’, and based on what we’ve seen and heard so far, it is going to be one for the books. As usual, she is soft and sensual, while exuding a gentle femininity that’s hard not to want to vibe to.

KP Illest and Skrypt

This dynamic duo has been working together for quite some time now, and, as usual, know exactly how to bring out the best in each other. On KP’s song ‘Straight Up’, Skrypt brings the heat with his high-octane verse, and then Illest delivers the final lines with his no-holds-barred approach to language, rhyme and storytelling. Add to that visuals by their long-time friend and colleague Reggie Zaire’s RFC production company and you have a winning combination.


‘Tino the EP’ is art. From the design of the cover to the thought that went into the arrangement, it is nice to take in. The project is right for the times and something you won’t regret adding to your music library.


The ‘Jet Pack’ EP just came out, and it’s what all hip-hop lovers should be jamming to. It’s exactly the quality you would expect from rapper and producer Slime, who has now come to be known as one of the hardest trappers in the country. It’s not something everyone can do, but he brings all the right elements together to create an unforgettable sound. He flaunts his ability to carry a note, to be bilingual, to be romantic, to create a vibe, and to speak frankly about himself and the world we live in with such ease, you can’t help but play this on repeat.

Sam E Lee Jones

The man who believes in making moves in silence is proving time and again why he is one of the highest-rated producers in the country. This past week he made some major music moves, and we couldn’t be prouder or more excited for him. Sam E Lee announced he had done some production work on Nigerian superstar and ‘Power’ actor Rotimi’s latest album ‘All or Nothing’. The song is called ‘Don’t Mind Me’, and is a pretty big deal.

Kwxme Sankxrra

This rapper released two fire songs back to back, and there’s just something so sexy about them both. ‘Deep’ and ‘Slide Out’ are fun songs, and his baritone voice makes his vocals truly stand out on this list. He is able to rap and sing and everything in between, and it sounds so good.


This Afro-pop king just dropped his debut album ‘In Limbo’, and it’s already proving to be worth a listen. The lead single of the 15-track project ‘Number One’ has already done well for itself, and this just further solidifies his place in the genre.

Tumi Mohammed and Earthtonami

Wow. I was very excited when I heard the two’s song ‘Jungle Fever’. It is a debut for Tumi, featuring Earthtonami’s sultry vocals, and I swear it is exactly what the name implies: tribal, sensual and unforgettable. It’s definitely a song for the summer, and one not to miss out on.

Don Kamati and DJ KBoz

Mr Fire Can’t Cool is at it again. This time he gives us ‘Maspenda’, a three-minute, 28-second Afro-beat track, featuring DJ KBoz, who surprises us with his rapping, a new direction for the long-time producer. It was produced by Chris Wayne and shows us Don Kamati’s versatility and ability to create catchy tunes.


He is one third of coastal music group Zutigang, and has a solo project titled ‘Name of a King’ making its rounds. It’s a really good listen and shows off his skill pretty well.

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