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Legens Boy to Perform in Cape Town; Set to Drop “HERO” Tune Soon

Legens Boy to Perform in Cape Town

Art has kind and it has to be the biggest passion to every artist since toddler. When artist finds out to get abroad, he/she must be bummed. Music is a great value to Legens Boy as a legend in Malawian music industry.

Legens Boy will prove how artist feels when performing live in foreign country. He will perform live in South Africa in city of Cape Town alongside Kwin Bee and Gaffar on Valentine’s day (14th February, 2020) Its great honor for Malawian artists to be seen live on stage in foreign countries. For the development, Sir Lineus of the Nyasa Music Promoters and upload approached Legens Boy to express his feeling on the planned valentines’ day show in Cape Town. “I feel good performing in foreign country, it is a great honor to meet new audience as far as music is concerned”, he said.

After scooping position 5 on zodiac inside zodiac fresh program with his Chapamwamba music track featuring Dan Lu, Sir Patricks and Pon G, Legens Boy is now set to release a new tune by 31st January that features Liaz and caries a tittle known as “HERO”. Beside that soon he is also working on Vimbuza King’s track called Zgola.

Legens Boy did not spare to advise upcoming artists on the failure to succeed and reach the actualization level in music. He expressed it clearly that the great disease that is killing Malawian upcoming artists is selfishness. “Most artists when their songs get known or played with big DJs, they feel as if they have conquered the audience forgetting that it’s just a starter. Music journey is too long, it requires humbleness and patience,” he said.

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