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Kenyans await Supreme Court verdict on disputed presidential election

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Kenyans are anxiously waiting for the country’s Supreme Court to deliver its verdict on Monday on a presidential election petition.

The court will rule whether to uphold or nullify the result of last month’s presidential election.

The ruling will be delivered by a seven-member panel chaired by a female Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga who was making his fifth presidential bid had said that Deputy President William Ruto’s narrow win last month was due to massive fraud.

Four out of seven election commissioners disowned the result announced by the commission chairman, saying the tallying had been opaque.

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The Kenyan Supreme Court last week laid out eight questions it will answer when it rules on the petition. That will include whether the commission’s website was hacked.

The Supreme Court will also decide if the polling station returns were interfered with and whether the postponement of eight gubernatorial and legislative elections disadvantaged any candidate.

In 2017 the Supreme Court annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory over Odinga because of procedural irregularities although Kenyatta prevailed in a re-run that Odinga boycotted.

But before the conclusion of that electoral process about 100 people were killed in election-related clashes that year.

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