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Jerry Yonga

About Jerry Yonga (PhD, MSc. PMP)

Dr. Yonga is a consultant, mentor, speaker, and blogger in the areas of Information Technology, Project Management, Cybersecurity and Blockchain Technology topics. He has more than 30 years of hands-on business acumen, project management, software engineering, computer programming, and cybersecurity knowledge. He has been researching Blockchain technology since 2011.

Dr. Jerry is a blogger of several articles on project management, healthcare, and cybersecurity. His LinkedIn profile: contains several articles on Project Management, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain Technology. Dr. Jerry is a presenter and speaker at conferences, seminars, and workshops, and special events. Dr. Jerry continues to contribute his project management expertise at local project management organizations as a speaker and mentor.

Dr. Jerry earned a Doctorate in Healthcare Cybersecurity where he researched cyberattacks, data breaches, and strategies to improve healthcare cybersecurity. He also holds a Master of Software Design and Development and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering. Dr. Jerry is a certified Project Management Professional since 2003. He can be reached via email at jyonga2016@gmail dot com.

In his spare time, he enjoys coaching youth sports, exercising, listening to music, traveling, and tasting new ethnic cuisine and wine.

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