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INTERVIEW: I am into music to pull people out of darkness – Pastor Gideon Martinz

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In this interview with Stanley Ugagbe and Akaolisa Emmanuel of The News Chronicle, an Abuja based gospel singer, Pastor Gideon martins shared insights on his music journey so far.

TNC: Thank you for finding time to have this interview with us. First, we congratulate you on your recent album launch. Can you tell us about it?

Gideon:The title of the album is We Flourish and it was launched at the Royal Family Church, Abuja. It was a wonderful day. We had a lot of turn out. I was really delighted because I felt if people could come out in mass for an event like this, then it will be better tomorrow. And again, I want to thank the Royal Family for the total support they gave to me. They practically paid for everything.

TNC: How long have you been singing?

Gideon:I can’t really say because I started singing since I was a child but professionally, I have been singing for ten years.

TNC: Why did you choose to pursue a career in music rather than your course of study, English? Also, at what point did you realize that music is your niche?

Gideon: First, music is a passion. I had passion for music from the onset. I started music officially when I was in school and picked it as a career from there until it grew to the level where it is today.

TNC: Why should people leave other gospel singers and listen to your songs?

Gideon: What I believe about music especially the gospel music, apart from your lyrics, there is always a backing. There are lots of artistes out there but there is always one thing that distinguishes everyone. I believe in the grace that is attached to the words that come from your music. There is always an aura that distinguishes men from ordinary things that happen in the society. There are lots of songs around but if you observe, among these songs, there are particular songs that are at the top.

For me, I believe that the Holy Spirit is an interpreter, the words will go forward and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Prayer is my weapon – it has been what has been carrying me all through. The favour I have enjoyed, I won’t equate it to my songs because sometimes you just sing songs and what takes them up is the grace and the backing of the Holy Spirit. Total dependence on the Holy Spirit is what I do.

TNC: There is this popular believe that when people don’t get what they are looking for jobwise, they tend to result to ministry. For you, is this the case of how you become a Pastor?

Gideon: Wow! I love this question. Truly, a lot of people out there out of frustration have been getting into ministry but I want to assure you that there is a difference between people who go into ministry because they lack what to do. There is a saying that you cannot give what you don’t have. For me, it’s not lack of what to do because I have worked in several places and it didn’t work out. I noticed that the ministry is what God wants me to do and that is where I get perfection, excellence. For those that want to go into ministry because they lack jobs or what to do, sorry to disappoint you, it will not go well. I got to know my calling first by the passion I have for it. I do music out of passion, whether paid or not, I feel fulfilled and that is the call.

TNC: Considering the fact that Gospel singers have slim chances of succeeding in the industry especially when they don’t have big sponsors, how do you hope to break into the heart of the industry and be a force to reckon?

Gideon: Gospel music and circular music are two different things. The gospel is preaching the good news and the biggest enemy of the gospel is the devil. Of course he won’t fold his hands and watch you succeed. You have to get to the point of contending with him for you to succeed. To succeed, you have to make sacrifices, go the extra mile with extra oil. You have to be deliberate and relent not. We also lack support as gospel singers.

TNC: Do you do music as an enterprise or just for the propagation of the gospel?

Gideon: Bible says seek ye first the Kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you. It is said that it’s in the place of doing your thing that the blessing will come; it is in the field of working that the blessing will come. First, the priority in the gospel is not money but the souls. But of course there is the enterprise part of it. There is need for the enterprise part of the gospel.

TNC: In today’s society, a lot of people now believe that if you’re not singing about love, sex and women and possibly showcasing naked ladies, people are not interested in what you have to offer. As a Gospel singer, how do you think this anomaly can be corrected?

Gideon: The reason for the gospel is to pull people out of darkness to light. It means that we should increase our efforts. The devil uses that medium to propagate his kingdom. It is left for us in the gospel field to know that the harvest is much but the labourers are few. It is in our hands to make sure we double the labourers for us to be able to draw people from the other side. It‘s a lot of sacrifice.

TNC: You have done quite a number of music, which of them is your favourite?

Gideon: I would say ‘Beautiful God’ and that is the one I want to really promote. I am planning to do a song with Chris Morgan and that is the song I want to begin introducing to the public. The song was inspired by the awesomeness of God. We cannot quantify the extent of His beauty.

TNC: Who are your role models in the music industry?

Gideon: I will say Chris Morgan and Frank Edward. There are a lot of other gospel artists whose music I enjoy and admire.

TNC: Tell us about your love life.

Gideon: For now, I’m not really into a relationship but I am believing God, because by next year with possible pastoral duties in new branches of our church and our campus fellowships, it is necessary for me to settle down.

TNC: At the moment, what should your fans expect?

Gideon: They should expect a lot of amazing things as I have great projects coming.

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