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ID Cabasa Advocates Unity Between New and Veteran Artists in Nigerian Music Industry

Renowned music producer, ID Cabasa, also known as Olumide Ogunade, recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between emerging artists and established artists in Nigeria’s music industry.

In a recent episode of the ‘Afrobeats Podcast,’ ID Cabasa emphasized the importance of mutual respect and understanding between both generations of artists for peace to reign in the industry.

He highlighted the need for new artists to show respect to the veterans while urging the veterans to demonstrate more integrity in their actions.

ID Cabasa stressed that:  “The new guys need to respect the OGs. The OGs need to be more honourable. You are not competing against these guys. If you see yourself as a competition to these guys, what you’ve done is that you’ve mortgaged your honour.”

He encouraged music legends to offer support and guidance to young talents instead of overly criticizing them.
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