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How to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube quickly?

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Everyone who has decided to create their own channel in a video hosting service poses the question of how to gain a certain number of subscribers.

This question is relevant, because the larger your audience, the faster the page will grow and this will be the first step towards monetization of content.

Youtube occupies a leading position in the top sites in terms of traffic, it is the second most popular after Google and attracts influencers who want to promote their blog.

But due to the great competition, it is not always possible to get a lot of followers on your own, activity on the channel and recognition of viewers.

Every second now popular blogger went through many difficulties before getting a piece of fame. Only those who started their careers when YouTube just started its work were lucky.

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This maker did not have to spend large sums on account promotion, attract viewers with various sweepstakes and buy youtube subscribers.

Due to the fact that the competition was minimal, and the demands from the audience were not so high, they were able to succeed as simply as possible.

But don’t despair, in this article we will tell you how to gain 1000 subs quickly.

Make high-quality content. Any video can go viral, ranging from political or news to humorous. Choose a direction and a topic that is interesting to you so that you can provide future viewers with expert and useful information.

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Having a lively interest on our part makes it easier for us to attract an audience. If the topic responds to you, you will not have emotional burnout and the videos will be fun. But don’t forget about the technical features. Low-quality videos will not be pleasant for anyone to watch, so make sure that you have the necessary equipment for filming.

The sound quality should not be inferior to the picture, so use not only a high-resolution camera, but also a good microphone.

Design the appearance of the channel. When a potential subscriber has watched your video, he visits the author’s page to find out who it is and evaluate the appearance of the profile. The first thing that catches his eye is your nickname, avatar and banner.

These items need to be given special attention so that the user wants to join the ranks of your fans. One of the most difficult choices when making a page is a nickname. You will be able to change it after a while, but it is desirable that it was initially attractive and associated with you. When choosing a photo for an avatar, pay attention that it should be recognizable, bright and without small details.

Real subscribers pay attention to the text “about me “. According to it, the viewer can evaluate what the video on the channel is about and how the author treats his page. By the way, if you add a call to subscribe at the end of the text, it will help you gain the first subscribers.

Hold a contest for the audience. People are interested in trying their luck, and if you offer them an interesting prize, they will definitely participate. Set the participants some conditions for participating in the draw: subscribing to the channel, watching videos, writing comments, and so on.

At the same time, you don’t  have to spend large amounts of money, as long as the prize is interesting and useful.

Use services to promote videos on YouTube. You can get an audience in a video hosting yourself, but it will take you a lot of time. Do you want to get results as quickly and efficiently as possible? Contact companies that specialize in this business.

You can gain 1000 or even more fans by taking advantage of the opportunity to buy real youtube followers. This method is popular among beginners in blogging because it is inexpensive and effective. When the number of subscribers increases, users will turn on the “herd instinct” and they are more likely to start following you.

There are many such offers on the market, but not all services are honest with customers and sometimes sell dead accounts that negatively affect the page statistics. To avoid this, analyze the reviews and ask the manager questions in the chat.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to get a large number of fans at one time. To do this, you will have to make efforts, create high-quality videos and work on improving the content. But when you see the fruits of your labors, it will inspire you to create new interesting projects. We wish you success in your endeavors!

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