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How did Florent Malouda play in the Super League?

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Florent Malouda is a soccer player who is known for his performances as a member of “Chelsea”. By the way, all online sports news are on available all the time about this club. Thanks to this, you can follow its progress and do not miss anything important.

At the end of his career, Malouda decided to try his hand in the Indian Super League. In 2015, he signed a contract with “Odisha FC”. Even though the french player did not win any trophies with this team, but he definitely left a bright mark in its history.

He spent 2 seasons as a member of the team. And if you follow the “Odisha” club now, all online sports news about it are on 1xnews. This will allow you to keep your hand on the pulse.

Coming back to Malouda, it can be noted that he felt a renewed passion for soccer in India. The player enjoyed well-deserved respect among partners and fans. The fact that he helped attract the attention of fans from all over the world to this team is not unimportant.

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In general, after a period of playing in India, Malouda spent another season in the championship of Luxembourg and ended his professional career at this point. And to follow the Super League even now, download the apk for smartphone from 1xBet and you will be able to stay up to date. The program will run smoothly.

How was the Frenchman useful for his club?

Together with Malouda, “Odisha” has consistently finished at the top of the standings. Though the team didn’t shine in the playoffs, but during the regular season it was always one of the favorites in the tournament.

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So, going back to the figure of Malouda, we can say that his career in India has been successful. For example, it is reflected in:

  1. Bringing attention to this club. It is no secret that the player was signed for marketing purposes.
  2. Transferring experience to young players. The advice of such a professional will surely be useful to them in the future.
  3. Effectiveness. Though Malouda scored not so much, but it was really important goals.

Many stars came to the Super League. Most of them played only a few games and then left the team. But Malouda, with his self-sacrificing play, certainly entered the history of the Indian championship. You can follow his current events on the verified platform.

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