Hoopoe Safaris LTD

Hoopoe has become a leading East African safari outfitter, which together with its sister outfitter, “Kirurumu Under Canvas” is dedicated to the protection of the environment by supporting effective community partnerships and sustainable tourism projects.
A fast growing population and pressure on dwindling land resources add up to a formidable challenge. Conventional conservation practices are failing to halt a decline in wildlife and environmental degradation, but Peter feels that lately a shift has been made in the right direction & The Community Based Tourism is gaining acceptance as a means of poverty reduction in remote areas. The model is one where the community assumes a responsibility to discourage alternative land use, such as agriculture and unsustainable practices such as charcoal manufacture and to prevent poaching. The income that the communities earn from tourism, can improve schools, & clinics and safe water supplies. This formula, often difficult to achieve can provide an unequivocal win-win situation for all parties concerned. Hoopoe owns and manages Kirurumu Tented Lodge perched on the edge of the Rift Valley overlooking Lake Manyara, has become a landmark on the safari circuit. Kirurumu is used by a wide range of safari operators and guests from all over the globe. The lodge merges with the landscape and was designed to be of minimum impact to the environment and has become a haven of peace for both for its visitors and its creatures great and small that now have a safe refuge. Birdlife in the lodge grounds has increased dramatically over time and it is a bird watchers paradise. Diminutive Dik-Dik & shy and elusive Bushbuck are now common in the grounds.
In earlier years as a specialist in providing creature comforts “Under Canvas” Hoopoe provided The Getty Foundation a camp supporting the important scientific work that was being conducted by Mary Leakey at Laetoli, where the early hominid footprints of Australopithecus afarensis were discovered. Today Kirurumu Under -Canvas has seasonal luxury mobile tented camps in Serengeti, and Tarangire National parks and The Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Camps are positioned to be at the right place at the right time to see wildlife in abundance. Hoopoe is proud to be the preeminent luxury camping outfitter in East Africa.

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